At Rocky, we SHOW UP and use our unique gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our church value, SHOW UP, is based on the scripture Philippians 2:4-13.





The Guest Services team manages the experience of guests and partners “from the street to their seat,” through simple, yet uncommon, Christ-like love and kindness. We place an emphasis on welcoming, serving, and informing each guest. As a guest services volunteer, you are one of the very first impressions our guests will have of Rocky. Our team includes ushers, greeters, new guest table, coffee and parking ministry.


Coffee Team

Prepare coffee, lemonade, and water for Sunday services. Be a welcoming face at the counter for guests to be greeted and cared for. Make sure things are stocked and counters are clean of any messes.


Float in the lobby greeting and offering assistance to all guests. At the end of service send off our guests with a warm smile and thank them for coming.

Fill in wherever needed on a particular Sunday

Greeting Team

Greeters are the first impression for our church and have the privilege of welcoming all guests with a smile and opening a door and thanking guests for coming after service.

New Guest Team

Watch for and assist new guests. Answer questions. Help guests connect with their next step.

Parking Team

Greet and direct guests as they enter and exit the parking lots. Direct new guests to designated parking spaces and handicap spots available. Walk new guests inside to the new guest area. Assist disabled guests, families with small children and anyone needing assistance into the building. Take down signs/cones after service.


Welcome guests as they enter the auditorium. Help late comers find adjacent seats discretely to avoid excessive commotion after service starts. Check that doors are open and shut at proper times.



Rocky Kids exists to be a place where kids experience Jesus and learn to love like him. Our volunteers share the love of Jesus with the families who visit Rocky each week by providing a safe and engaging environment where they feel welcomed and loved. In our classrooms, volunteers connect with families and spend time sharing Jesus and his teaching with kids, helping them learn how they can live like Jesus every day. We have several roles to choose from – somewhere for everyone to serve! Our typical serving schedules are weekly or every-other week at one service so you can attend during the other service.


Welcome Team

Volunteers on our welcome team greet new and returning families as they arrive, help families get checked in, orient new families and escort them to class, and assist the Kids staff with collecting service attendance and responding to classroom volunteer needs. 

Training provided. Must be 18 yrs. old and have a current background check on file.

Early Childhood Leader

Volunteers in our younger kids’ classrooms focus on sharing Jesus’ love in everything they do. Our nursery and toddler volunteers share Jesus’ love for kids up to two years old by providing a welcoming environment, where parents are assured their kids are safe and cared for. Our preschool classrooms (3-5 yrs.) continue this level of care with the addition of age-appropriate curriculum activities including worship, Bible teaching, along with group activities and take-home crafts. This is a space where the littlest kids can get used to being around other adults and make friends their age one hour at a time.

No experience necessary, training provided. Open to teens (depending on room) and adults; anyone over 18 yrs. old must have a current background check on file.

Elementary/ Pre-teen Leader | Host & Tech (depending on campus)

Volunteers in our elementary area encourage community through various aspects of our large and small group settings. Kids participate in a full service with age-appropriate worship and Bible teaching, group games, and small group time where they learn to apply the lesson for the week to their own life. The Host will run the large group portion of the service, acting as emcee and providing energy to keep kids engaged (adults only). Our Tech role works closely with the Host to help provide the overall environment and run the video and lights for our large group (teens only). Small group leader teams work with a group of kids from the beginning to the end of service, greeting families as they arrive, facilitating conversations, and leading the small group activities before kids are picked up (open to teens and adults)

No experience necessary, training provided. Open to teens and adults; anyone over 18 yrs. old must have a current background check on file.


The photography/video team is an opportunity to use your gifts and unique skills as a photographer or videographer to help capture moments and tell stories about the work that God is doing here at Rocky. 


Sunday services

You would be scheduled to take photos or video on one of our campuses during Sunday morning services.

Special Events

You could be scheduled to take photos or video at one of our special events (ex: Shine Prom).


One of the most beautiful and exiciting things about being on the prayer team is witnessing God at work in people’s hearts. It is an honor to point people to Jesus as savior or healer or deliverer.

And because prayer ministry is meeting the needs of others based on God’s resources, not ours, we don’t have to be anxious about our praying abilities.


We are looking for people who:

  • Love the word of God and prayer
  • Are humble and keep confidences
  • Can take initiative and stay calm
  • Are approachable and courteous


Serving opportunities:

  • Attending monthly prayer meetings 
  • Being available after a service for prayer walk-ups
  • Praying for ministries and church-wide needs as requested by the Care Director


On the production team, you’ll participate in crafting an environment conducive to encountering God’s presence. The Production Team takes charge of operating cameras, lighting, video, and audio to seamlessly enhance the weekend service. No experience required. No age limitations. Full training and support will be given for all of the Production Team roles, and there will always be an experienced staff member around to offer assistance as needed. 


Camera Operator, FOH

The FOH (Front Of House) Camera Operator is responsible for capturing live video footage of church service under the direction of the Video Director. Sitting on the camera platform in the back of the room, they play a key role in visually conveying the message and atmosphere of the service to both in-person guests and online audiences.
Training provided. No experience required. No age limitations.

Camera Operator, Roving

The Roving Camera Operator is responsible for capturing live video footage of church service under the direction of the Video Director. Moving freely around the stage during services with a wireless camera, they play a key role in visually conveying the message and atmosphere of the service to both in-person guests and online audiences from an unique perspective onstage.
Training provided. No experience required. No age limitations.

Lighting Operator

The lighting operator executes the pre-programmed cues in real-time during the service. They use the lighting console to control the intensity, color, movement, and focus of various lighting fixtures. This requires a keen sense of timing and coordination with the band on stage. A musical background is helpful, but not required.
Training provided. No experience required. No age limitations.

CG Operator

The CG (Computer Graphics) Operator is responsible for managing and operating the graphics and text displayed onscreen during services. This role involves leading guests with worship lyrics and supporting the teaching with scripture references. All content is provided in advance. A musical background is helpful, but not required.
Training provided. No experience required. No age limitations.

Video Director

The Video Director is responsible for overseeing all of the video content presented onscreen during services. This role involves coordinating and directing the camera and CG operators, and switching video sources to ensure a cohesive and engaging visual experience for both in-person guests and online audiences. 

Previous experience helpful, but not required. Training provided. No age limitations.

Audio Engineer, FOH

The FOH (Front Of House) Audio Engineer focuses attention and removes distractions for guests in the auditorium by crafting a quality mix and making seamless audio transitions.
Previous experience with audio engineering required.

Audio Engineer, broadcast
The Broadcast Audio Engineer is responsible for ensuring the high-quality audio production and transmission of the live Sunday service for our online streaming platforms. Their primary goal is to deliver clear, balanced, and engaging audio to the online audience.
Previous experience helpful, but not required. Training provided. No age limitations.


The Shine ministry at our church plays a vital role in creating a warm and inclusive space for those in our community who may be living with a disability. Our primary aim is to foster an environment where everyone, regardless of their abilities or challenges, can find meaningful connections, grow in their faith, and experience the power of Jesus’ love.


Sunday Classrooms

Our Shine Sunday morning classes meet during the 10:45 service at both the Frederick and Niwot campuses for students and adults. The classrooms consist of 5-8 people with disabilities and the time includes sharing Jesus in new and creative ways with our friends. 

Monthly Events

Our Shine Family meets on the 2nd Friday of every month, alternating between the Niwot and Frederick campuses. It is a night of board games, and BINGO, with prizes, crafts, video games, and large group games. We add in some friendship, connection, and extra talk about Jesus. Dinner is provided for guests and volunteers (It will be Chick-fil-A).  We average around 50 guests for this event and need all the help we can get. 

Volunteer roles for both Sunday classrooms and monthly events are Buddies who share about Jesus, encourage conversations, and help build community through fun.

Some experience with special needs is desired, but not required. Training provided. Teens and adults are allowed as Buddies. All volunteers over 18 yrs. must have a current background check on file.


At Rocky Students, we believe in the power of the next generation and want to help them grow and develop their walk with Jesus while also developing their leadership, passions, and influence. We are looking for dedicated leaders who are interested in helping us build up the next generation and play a vital role in growing the ministry.


Grade Leader

Leaders are assigned to a specific grade. Building relationships, hanging out, leading groups, and doing life with students.

Culture Team

Leaders are in charge of the overall culture of the night. Running the welcome table, building a wide network of connections with students, and providing overall a great experience for students where they feel loved and cared for.


Gaming Team

Leaders help build our gaming community via discord, moderating, gaming nights, tournaments, streaming, and overall helping create a community of gamers to belong to.


Age requirements vary. Training provided. All volunteers over 18-years-old must have a current background check on file.


The purpose of the worship team is to draw people closer to Jesus through music during Sunday services. The people on this team use their gifts of playing instruments and singing to create an environment that encourages the Church in its faith and reminds us to respond to what Jesus has done and is doing in our lives right now. We believe that each person on the worship team is a worship leader, regardless of their role.



Musicians on the worship team are primarily made up of Drummers, Acoustic and Electric Guitarists, Keys Players, and Bassists (it has also included instruments like cello & violin as well). The role of musicians on the worship team is to prepare and learn songs for Sunday services to be able to play and worship distraction free each weekend.



Singers on the worship team are great at finding and singing harmonies and melodies. They energetically set an example of worship in each service.


Song Leader

Song leaders on the worship team are experienced singers who vocally lead the way in Sunday services. They are great at finding and singing harmonies, melodies and can confidently lead songs in services.