At Rocky, we want to walk with you on a pathway of discipleship. Here you will find our process for continued growth along this journey.


Your path to community and connection begins here! ROOTED is a 10-week interactive group experience. The goal for these groups is for you to deepen your connection with God, his church, and your purpose.

Through ROOTED you will:

  • Deepen relationships
  • Develop spiritual rhythms
  • Explore your purpose


Life Groups

The goal of these groups is to continue developing spiritual habits by deepening relationships and living out the rhythms we explored in ROOTED.

In Life Groups you will:

  • “Do Life” together
  • Encourage each other to live out your purpose
  • Grow spiritually with others



The best way to master a skill is to find someone who’s already mastered it and ask them if you can spend time with them. Jesus is the uncontested master of Knowing God and Loving Others. Apprentice is an 8-month process of spending time with Jesus and other committed apprentices as we discover who God is, the life he’s called us to live, and what this looks like practically.

Throughout Apprentice you will:

  • Practice spiritual rhythms that will shape your life
  • Experience transformation in your relationships
  • Discover a life full of meaning and purpose


Thoroughly Equipped

The goal of Thoroughly Equipped (TE) is to equip men and women with a strong biblical foundation and leadership skills. TE is broken up into two 1-year processes that walk through a set of topics, skills, and experiences that will encourage you to become a more effective disciple of Jesus.

During Thoroughly Equipped you will:

  • Build confidence and competence in God’s Word
  • Become a more effective leader in the Kingdom of God
  • Gain a vision for living as a part of God’s Kingdom