"Strange Humility"

Many Christians appear to others as just everyday normal people. Because these Christians don’t stand out as different or someone special, their effectiveness at helping anyone else find Christ is minimal. After all, if we look, act, and believe the same as everyone around us what marks us as different? No wonder our Christian faith has little impact on those around us. Others think, “Your marriage, kids, finances, purpose, etc., look no different than mine. In fact, in some cases, it’s worse! Why would I want to be like you?”

Christianity in the first century stood out because it was different. Not just different…it was flat out strange to others during that time. To reach others and experience something fulfilling, we must have a faith that is authentic, unique and different. We need Stranger Things. Join us for our new series starting January 7 focused on 1 Peter, as we learn to find purpose and fulfill our mission … in beautiful, joyous, unusual, and yes, a strange way.



In rKids (infants – 5th grade), the Bible is never boring! In the pre-school years, we’ll help your kids learn about Jesus in amazing ways as they are just beginning to learn and grow. And in 1st-5th grade, the worship is loud, our leaders care and we teach kids how God’s Word applies in their lives through small group environments.



Our VOX Students (6th -12th grade) gather together every weekend to learn more about Jesus, experience high-energy worship and develop real friendships through small groups. Our staff and volunteers make sure students know they have a purpose in life and are valued and loved.


At Rocky Mountain Christian Church, our mission is to “Know Jesus and Love like Him.” We focus on weekend services, families, groups and outreach. We want you to know you are welcome and loved at Rocky!

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What Lies Beneath – Something’s There and It’s Worse Than You Think

Most people hear Jonah and think of a big whale swallowing up a man. But dive a little deeper and notice Jonah is an ugly, spiritual mess. He’s angry at God, he rebels and he runs. God rescues him and Jonah repents. Then what happens? He does it again! We can’t really fault him for that though, can we? We have our own contradictions. We repeat our mistakes. And God’s love is still there. What Lies Beneath your surface? Your anger? Your heart?

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Your next step at Rocky is BaseCamp! Here you'll discover even more about who we are and how you can get involved. You'll also get to meet some of our staff and others on the same journey as you. BaseCamp is a requirement for partnership at Rocky. The next session is March 11 from 12:15 - 2:15 pm at both campuses.

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