We Are Back!

In-person Kids programming is open for birth to 5th grade!

At Rocky, we value our future generations. Raising up children who know Jesus and love like Him is our biggest goal. The relationships and teaching our children gather from our rKids Ministry has a lifelong and eternal impact. Follow us on our Facebook Page to see what your children are learning each week. If you have questions about our special needs weekend program and events, please contact ashleyleach@rocky.church.

Kids Volunteer Team

We’re so excited to see more families coming back to worship with us! As we see more kiddos coming, we’re finding ourselves needing more volunteers. When we’re able to serve more kids, we can share the news of Jesus with more families. We would love to answer any questions you have about volunteering!

Kids Summer Camp

Our Kids team has been working hard to prepare for this summer! We had a blast at epic week last year and would love to invite you back again! Mark your calendars for July 26-29. You won’t want to miss it!

Registration opens March 1st!

What We Are Learning


This month, we’re learning about how the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection strengthens us and changes our relationships in the best way. We will learn how: Jesus overcame death. Jesus connects us to each other. Jesus gives encouragement. We are stronger with Jesus.


WEEK 1 - APR 4
Jesus Rises Up From The Dead (Mark 16:1-8)



Jesus overcame death

Share with someone the Good News that Jesus is alive!

READ: Have your child open their Bible to “Acts 10:39-43” and read the verse aloud together.

  • Then say to/ask your child:

“Imagine how amazing reaching a mountaintop would be. After seeing a view like that, I bet you wouldn’t be able to wait to tell everyone what you saw. Jesus told everyone to do the same thing — to tell everyone about the great news of Jesus! And guess what? We can share the good news about Jesus with everyone, too!”  Then ask:

  • Is there someone you want to tell about what Jesus did for you in your life?
  • Where can you go to tell people about Jesus?


  • Who went to the tomb?

  • What did they see when they got to the tomb?

  • Why do you think it was so important that the women saw the empty tomb?

  • Why do you think the man at the tomb told the women to go tell the disciples that Jesus was alive?

WEEK 2 - APR 11
Jesus Appears To His Disciples (John 20:19-31)

Jesus connects us to each other

This week spend time with a family member or friend reading your bible and praying.

READ: Have your child open their Bibles to “ I John 1:3” and read the verse aloud together.

  • Then ask your child:

    • Fellowship is one way to say we are connecting with others. What are some ways we connect with others in general?

    • Who are the people you are connected with when you believe in Jesus?

    • What is one thing you can do to connect more people to your community of people who know and love God?


  • When Jesus came into the room, what did Jesus say to the disciples?

  • What did Thomas say to the other disciples when they told him they saw Jesus alive?

  • For Thomas to believe, what did Jesus show Thomas?

WEEK 3 - APR 18
The Miraculous Catch Of Fish (John 21:1-17)

Jesus gives encouragement

This week write a word of encouragement for a friend.

READ: Have your child open their Bibles to “Psalm 4:1” and read the verse aloud together.

  • Then ask your child:

    • What does the word mercy mean to you?

    • Can you imagine what would have happened to Peter if God didn’t show mercy?

    • Who do you need to show mercy and encouragement to today?

    • What can you do to find mercy and encouragement from God?


  • How many fish did the disciples catch before Jesus showed up?

  • What did Jesus ask Peter when he made it back to shore and talked with him?

  • What can you do to encourage someone who is feeling down?

WEEK 4 - APR 25
Jesus’ Ascension (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 3:1-11)

We are stronger with Jesus

Pray with someone at home about something you need Jesus to give you strength to do this week.

READ: Have your child open their Bibles to “Acts 4:5-12” and read the verse aloud together, explaining first that two of Jesus’ disciples had healed a man the day before. The religious rulers didn’t like it and had them put in jail.

  • Then ask your child:
    • Why do you think the religious leaders were upset that Peter and John had healed a man?
    • Did Peter and John heal someone on their own?
    • Where did their power and strength come from? They made it clear to everyone that their strength came from Jesus!


  • In our story today, Jesus tells us to go and do what?

  • What is a disciple?

  • So, how do you make a disciple?

  • What does it mean to baptize someone?