Matt Cote is a pastor with 20+ years of experience leading in the local church. He is a gifted teacher and is skilled in creating environments for people to hear the life changing story of Jesus and has become well known for his passionate approach to presenting the Bible. 

 For the past decade, Matt has served as the Frederick Campus Pastor at Rocky Mountain Christian Church, where his commitment to his role has been evident. Originally from the New England area, he’s made his home in Colorado’s Carbon Valley area since 2014, alongside his wife of 20 years, Vanessa, and their four daughters. Don’t worry he’s not a Patriots fan, but he does cheer for the New York Giants, and when he’s not leading in the local church or spending time with his family, you might spot him at the ballpark enjoying a Rockies game. 


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Who will preach until we find a new Lead Pastor?

Shan and Matt will both be preaching over the next several weeks as they continue to teach their series from John’s Gospel.

What do the Rocky Mountain Christian Church Bylaws say regarding the selection of a new Lead Pastor?

In summary, the Bylaws state the Elders are to present to Rocky the candidate whom they determine meets the qualifications for the Lead Pastor position. Only one candidate at a time may be considered by the congregation, who shall only be called following a two-thirds majority affirmative vote of the congregation.

What is the process for identifying and selecting a new Lead Pastor?

The Bylaws provide that the Elders are to act as the selection committee (i.e., the pulpit committee) that determines and reviews the qualifications for the Lead Pastor position. The Elders have met and identified Lead Pastor qualifications that include preaching, teaching, and pastoral competencies, interpersonal strengths, administration, and leadership experience. The interview process is designed to thoroughly review these qualifications and consider leadership intangibles. 

Additionally, Rocky is blessed with a strong lead pastoral team, a founding Pastor (Alan Alghrim) who is still a part of this congregation, and long-time Rocky members. The Elders are consulting with each of these resources.

Is Matt Cote a candidate that is being considered for the Lead Pastor position?

Yes, Matt is being considered as a candidate for the Lead Pastor position. Matt has been a trusted leader at Rocky for the last ten years. We are grateful to have such a strong internal candidate to consider. Please be praying for Matt and the Elders as we work through this process together.

What is the timing for selecting a new Lead Pastor? How long will this process take?

Naturally, we would like to give a date by which the selection of a new Lead Pastor would occur. As Elders, we are committed to conducting a diligent interview process. While we have not set a deadline, we also seek to proceed in a timely manner.

When will Shan be leaving?

Shan will continue to preach over the next several weeks leading up to Easter. Shan has also committed to assisting Rocky and the Elders over the next several weeks as they initiate the process for selecting a new Lead Pastor. While Shan’s final Sunday has not yet been determined, it will be no later than April 14, 2024. 

What can I do as a member to help?

Continue to partner with Rocky as always through praying for our leaders, serving, inviting, and giving. You can also help answer questions for those who weren’t present for the announcement by pointing them to www.rocky.church/leadpastorupdates. There they can find a link to Shan’s and the Elder’s announcement and further communication the Elders will provide as they move forward with the process.

Who are the elders at Rocky?

The elders at Rocky Mountain Christian Church are Joe Chrisman, Tim Jenkins, Mark Birmingham, Erle Mast, and James Wittler.

When will voting for the lead pastor candidate Matt Cote take place?

Voting will take place during church services on Sunday, March 17th.

How can I vote?

You can vote in-person by paper ballot at either of our two campuses during service times on Sunday, March 17th.

Who can vote?

Anyone that is 16 years or old and calls Rocky their church home can vote.

Can I vote online or via text if I am not at church or out of town on Sunday, March 17th?

No; we are only doing in-person paper ballots on Sunday, March 17th. If you would like to participate in voting, please show up at either of our two campuses at our normal service times. 








Send your questions to us via email at info@rocky.church.