What is The Good and Beautiful God?

The Good and Beautiful God is a 10 week small group experience. Throughout Step 2 you and your group will be reading and working through The Good and Beautiful God in a similar fashion to ROOTED. Each week you will practice a different spiritual discipline, be confronted with false narratives you may believe about God, discover what Jesus believes about you and God, and what this means for you. The Good and Beautiful God takes you on a journey with Jesus to discover who God is, the life he’s called us to live and what this looks like practically.


Why is this Step 2?

After gaining a foundation in Rooted, we want our groups to take another step in their walk with Jesus and with each other. The Good and Beautiful God does this really well. From practicing different spiritual disciplines to being confronted to what we believe about God to sharing how God is transforming us, this study is a great second step.

Also, this step is the KNOW JESUS part of Rocky’s mission statement, “To know Jesus and love like him.” 

When does Step 2 start?

Step 2 starts every September and January, and launches with Rooted.

What if I’ve been through Rooted and I’m not part of a group right now?

Each season of Step 2 we strive to have an open group for you to join. We would love to have you join an open Step 2 group!

What if I haven’t been through Rooted, but I want to do Step 2?

For the best experience we suggest that you go through Rooted first.

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