What is Irresistible?

Irresistible is a 10 week small group experience. Throughout Step 3 you and your group will learn to LOVE like Jesus in every area of life through discovering that our faith can be irresistible, and practicing an irresistible love with those around you.

You will also read through the book Irresistible by Andy Stanley, read through Hebrews, engage in a prayer and serve experience and participate in a launch and celebration with other groups along the pathway.

The cost is $30. This covers your book, companion guide, the launch and celebration experiences.


Why is Irresistible Step 3?

After gaining a foundation in Rooted, and getting to KNOW Jesus at a deeper level through The Good And Beautiful God, it’s time to focus on LOVING like Him. Irresistible confronts some of the reasons why our faith can be so resistible to others, and how to live out an irresistible faith. 

When does Step 3 start?

Step 3 launches every September and January.

What if I haven’t been through Rooted, but I want to do Step 3?

For the best experience we suggest that you go through Rooted first.

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