Creating disciplines can have a huge impact on your life!

When these disciplines are beneficial to your spiritual health, physical health, and personal development, you actually see the effects trickle down into other parts of your life. During our series, “GRIT”, we are talking about making positive changes, pushing through when things get hard, and being all-in! 


For 52 days, we want you to choose three disciplines to do everyday. We encourage you to choose one for each of these areas: spiritual, physical, and personal development. Choose something challenging that will help you grow. 


Share your daily progress on social media!

Tag and use the #rockygritchallenge.
We can’t wait to see the positive impact this makes in your life!

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When we start to succeed in our lives and follow God’s plan, the enemy will do anything to stop us. 

When you feel discouraged or run into opposition, push forward! Choose perseverance in the face of opposition. 

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Sakes Alive! Done with day 5!
Our Grit Challenge isn’t just about the goals you set for the next 52 days, it’s about creating disciplines and building grit for long term success!

If you haven’t joined the challenge, do it! You won’t regret it. 

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4 days into the GRIT challenge. Today’s physical goal was tough. Did not want to exercise at all. But I got my butt to the gym and got it done. #rockygritchallenge
No matter what you face this week, remember that God is greater! 

When you are feeling discouraged go to Him in prayer. Don’t fight your battles on your own, invite Him to fight them for you!

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How would your life look different if you committed to 3 goals for the next 52 days?

If you haven’t jumped into our Grit Challenge or haven’t heard about it, we encourage you to go over to 👉 to learn more and get your own challenge calendar! 

If you already a part of our Grit Challenge, let us know what your goals are in the comments! 👇

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Day 1 of my 52 Grit challenge in the books. #rockygritchallenge

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