At Rocky, we encourage all of our Partners to GO, meaning we want you to make an impact in your personal network and through local and global outreach. Taking the next step of faith means sharing your faith with others through service and spiritual conversation.

You can contact , Laurie Powell with any questions. Please visit one of the links below for more information.

Local Outreach

At Rocky, we highly value serving our community.  A common question we ask ourselves is, “If Rocky shut our doors and moved out of town, would the community notice or care?”  A person who is a follower of Jesus is also a servant … scripture makes that very clear (Mark 10:45). We intentionally grow relationships with our community so that we may serve them corporately and individually.


Global Outreach

In Global Missions, we believe that depth is more important than breadth. We are highly connected with Kenya and two areas of Ecuador. We are also growing in relationships with ministries in Peru and Hungary. While we have many missionaries spread throughout the world, our deepest partnerships are based around ministries we go and serve on a yearly basis.